Trend: water filters

Tap water is filled with different substances that affect the flavour and smell of the water. For example chlorine, lead and copper. The purpose of water filters is very simple: they reduce limescale and other taste and aroma-impairing substances in our tap water.

Types of waterfilters

There are different types of water filters available. For example water filter cartridges for your coffee machine or refrigerator. These filters provide optimal coffee and ice cube flavour. Besides water filters for machines, nowadays there are also water filter jugs available that will last a whole year. These water filter jugs are therefore an ecological and convenient alternative to bottled water.

Frequently cleaning the machine

Water filters simply clean your tap water from chlorine, lead and copper. However you should pay attention to the fact that these filters do not clean your machine. They neither keep your machine save from water limescale. We therefore advise to decalcify your tea- or coffee machine at least twice a year! There are various ways of doing this. More information about decalcifying your machine can be found in the “clean and decalcify news item”!

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