Tips for measuring vacuum cleaner accessories

August 2016

In order to be sure that a new vacuum cleaner accessory will fit the vacuum cleaner, it is important to know the correct dimensions. Two different sizes of the vacuum cleaner parts can be measured. For some vacuum cleaner accessories, the inner diameter (the inner size) should be measured and for other vacuum cleaner parts the outer diameter (the outer size) should be measured. But how do you know wich size should be measured?

How to measure the right size?
For many vacuum cleaners, the size will be 32 or 35 mm. For vacuum cleaners with a size of 31 or 32 mm, vacuum cleaner parts of 32 mm will fit. Further, the size can be 34 or 35 mm as well, in this case, the vacuum cleaner parts with a measure of 35 mm will fit.

1. The handle
For example, if you need a new vacuum cleaner rod or a new vacuum cleaner handle, the outer size of the old handle should be measured.

2. The top of the vacuum cleaner rod
When a new handle should be placed on the vacuum cleaner, the top of the vacuum cleaner rod can be measured. In this case the inner size of the vacuum cleaner rod should be measured. 

3. The bottom of the vacuum cleaner rod
When a new vacuum cleaner brush should be placed on the vacuum cleaner, the size can be measured by measuring the outer size of the bottom of the vacuum cleaner rod. 

4. The vacuum cleaner foot
Furthermore, the inner size of the old vacuum cleaner foot can be measured. This way it will be clear which size vacuum cleaner brush will fit the vacuum cleaner.

Approximately 95% of the vacuum cleaners have a diameter 32 of 35 mm.
The new Scanpart vacuum cleaner accessories will fit practically all brands of vacuum cleaners.

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