Scanpart chargers approved by the NVWA

July 2016

The Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA) examined 41 different chargers with USB connection for safety and security documentation. The investigation is USB chargers of various brands examined.

Of the 41 surveyed chargers the NVWA has banned the sale of 24 USB chargers in Netherlands. The USB chargers exhibited technical defects which in use can result in electric shock or fire, but also some chargers are not supplied with the required safety documentation. Especially with cheaper USB chargers defects came to light. Not only unbranded USB chargers are rejected but also the chargers of the brands Flextronics, Mjoy and Pure showed serious technical defects. Certain chargers of Sony, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia are also rejected because of the lack of technical documentation.

Scanpart passed the test with flying colors and is approved by the Dutch Food Safety Authority. Other brands such as Philips and Belkin also meet the requirements of the NVWA.

The NVWA has tested the Scanpart USB AC adapter with two USB connectors. This perfectly met the technical requirements. According to the NVWA all the Scanpart USB chargers meet the technical requirements and are provided with the right technical information.

Scanpart articles are, like you are used to, purchased against the highest quality standards.

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