Save space with Scanpart stacking kits

Practical, ergonomic and space saving: we are clearly talking about the Scanpart staking kits for washing machines and tumble dryers. With these handy spacers, it becomes easy to place a dryer on top of a washing machine which will save you a lot of space! In this article, it will become clearer how these stacking kits work and what their advantages are.

How does a stacking kit work?

A stacking kit for washing machines is very easy to install. You simply place the frame on top of your washing machine and place the dryer directly on top. An additional fastening with the tension strap on the side of the frame provides a safe and sturdy construction, so that your dryer cannot fall off your washing machine during the spin cycle.

The advantages of a washing machine stacking kit

#1 Save space
Not everyone has enough space in the bathroom or utility room. Fortunately, the staking kit offers a perfect solution. With this frame you can easily place the dryer on the washing machine, saving you a lot of space.

#2 Ergonomic working height
Bending a lot while doing laundry belongs to the past thanks to the stacking kit. Intermediate frames ensure that you can work at an ergonomic working height. Moreover, assembling the universal stacking kits requires little physical effort, which makes the installation of the product very easy.

#3 Practical furnishing of your laundry room
Using a stacking kit when installing the washer and dryer can thus saves you a lot of space. In addition, with this handy help you choose a practical layout of your laundry room. There is enough space left for laundry baskets or an ironing board, for example!

Different types of stacking kits

There are different types of stacking kits available, with each their own specifications and purposes. They are listed below:

#1 Basic stacking kit
The basic stacking kit is Scanpart's entry-level model and is available in a standard and a compact model. The washing machine spacer is universally suitable for almost all washing machines and brands with a width of 60 cm. Note: this model is not suitable for dryers with the filter door or the water collection tray at the bottom. The same goes for rounded washing machines or machines witih the detergent drawer too close to the top.

#2 Stacking kit with work table
The extended variant of the stacking kit is equipped with a handy extendable worktop, so that laundry can easily be sorted on the worktop. A basket with up to 20 kg of laundry can also be placed on it without any problems. This stacking kit is also suitable for washing machines with rounded corners. The stacking kits with work table come in a regular variant and a version suitable for heat pump dryers.

#3 Stacking kits for heat pump dryers
Thanks to its enhanced stability and a frame width of 5 cm, this type of stacking kit is ideal for a.o. heavier heat pump dryers. The reinforced version has metal rectangular tube profiles, an L-profile at the back and a trapezoidal profile at the front. A mounting strap is also included with the top professional model, so that both devices fit tightly together as one unit.

Handy: you can assemble the intermediate piece completely without tools!

#4 Black stacking kits
More and more brands are introducing black washing machines and dryers. To turn this into a washer-dryer column, a black stacking kit is of course the best option.

A 'must' for design enthusiasts who are not satisfied with traditional white.

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