Environmentally aware with the Scanpart Bio descaler

September 2023

We have added a sustainable and environmentally friendly liquid descaler to our own brand Scanpart. Ideal for fully automatic machines, espresso machines, coffee machines and tea and kettles.

Why Bio?

• This descaler removes limescale gently and reliably, with minimal impact on the environment.
• It has optimal biodegradability: 97% of the ingredients are biodegradable.
• Free of preservatives, phosphates, phosphonates, colorings and microplastic particles.
• Packaging made from 100% recyclable materials may be disposed of with the plastic waste (PMD bag).
• The main active ingredient of the Scanpart descaler is citric acid. This is a natural ingredient and therefore environmentally friendly!

Interested to buy the bio descaler? 

The environmentally friendly descaler is exclusively available through the Elka Pieterman Group. For more information, visit www.elkapieterman.com.

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