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April 2014

No tv-signal error because of 4G deployment Scanpart KabelKeur

Because of the 4G networks’ deployment, there’s a big chance of having a tv-signal error. This results in bad screen quality or no signal at all. Cable companies advise to use more expensive and better-quality cables. You can recognize them by the KabelKeur label. The more people start to use the 4G network, the higher the chance of errors. Due to this factor, the amount of errors will probably increase over the following next years.

We developed our Scanpart KabelKeur antenna material in cooperation with Technetix. They specialized in producing connection materials toward the professional installation branch of cables and satellite networks. Besides that, Technetix has over years of experience in ‘in -home’ products. In that way they are an all-round producer of high-quality cable products. 

Besides that, Technetix is one of Holland’s cable brands which are allowed to use the official KabelKeur label. The joint development makes sure our Scanpart products are labelled with the KabelKeur test mark. Our Scanpart products comply with the highest quality-standards which all affiliated organizations have to meet, like Ziggo and UPC.

If we look at the facts, these are the benefits of Scanpart KabelKeur:

The cable company is responsible for sending a working tv-signal to your front door, but you need to take care for using good-quality cables in their houses. In-house cabling involves all cabling between the main jack and the digital gateway or television. Cable operators Ziggo and UPC particularly advise to use KabelKeur connection materials.

Because of the KabelKeur label, it’s very easy to recognize the best-quality material cables. These labelled products are approved by independent experts in order of NLkabel.
Our KabelKeur products are optimal isolated and therefore fully 4G/LTE proof.

We offer you a 3 year warranty on all our KabelKeur products.

The Scanpart Kabelkeur antenna material offers you the highest-quality in exchange for a good price!

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